NYC: Outdoor Schooling Adventures / Tutoring

After-School Enrichment Programs available for Private School in NYC K-12

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Discovering parts of NYC tied to Experiential Education

This ‘outdoor schooling’, after-school program is designated for kids. Each session lasts between 3-4 hours, several times a week. Learning adventures are held at different hidden gems in New York City. This program is best for kids who are eager to explore, learn, and have fun. Students will gain a foundation of New York City’s rich history tied to economic and financial literacy.

** Tutoring available for elementary and middle school

Sample of Central Park Adventures:
Hallett Nature Sanctuary (59th Street / Southeastern corner of Central Park)
Belvedere Castle (79th street Transverse / Near Turtle Pond)
Central Park Zoo (64th Street / South East corner of Central Park)


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