Financial Literacy for College Bound Students

Programs for youth offered to help build practical knowledge with an Introduction to Financial Literacy concepts and tools blending use of online and outdoor schooling experiences in NYC. By developing teens awareness and getting comfortable talking about money we strive to develop financial acumen, a skill that can be learned and will help students use good judgment and help in better decision making.

Participant Benefits include:
  • Create intentional personal plans (1 and 5 year), profile/bio/resume
  • Aspire to reach goals personally and with network(s)
  • Practice & Learn Practical Financial Literacy Concepts
  • Investing, Saving, Giving reviewed taking into account each person’s unique relationship with money as well as their personal aims
  • Time Value of Money, budgets, balance sheets, income statements, taxes, insurance, credit/debt, retirement, social security, job process
  • Assess, monitor and help manage risks (debit/credit, credit score, privacy)
  • Learn by doing with NYC experiences and professionals

Program commitment of ~30+ hours that combines 16 hours online and 14 hours of outdoor schooling.

Pilot Program: $750 per participant suggested donation payable to Economic Ventures, a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Charitable organization letter and receipt of donation can be furnished upon request. Funds will be used to provide scholarships for at-risk youth in a summer program teaching economic and financial literacy through entrepreneurship.


“Touring the Museum of American Finance and the Federal Reserve helped give context and background. Lots of AHA moments as to what and why I need to take charge of my finances – specifically understanding compound interest!”

“Being able to have experienced women of all ages guide us by answering our questions helped bring the experience alive.  I didn’t think I’d be so engaged in what initially I thought was a finance class but each week I grew more interested because the whole program was personalized to me!”


“Overbooked school schedules left me wondering how I could ensure my daughters would be able to understand how to handle their finances as they head off to college in the fall.  Fortunately, they were able to participate in a pilot program tailored to their specific needs, answering their questions and participating in lots field trips with guest speakers who work in their field of expertise in and around financial literacy.  A bonus is the networking connections they made that will be there for them during and after college.”


Ms. M. L. Graeme Campbell, CFP®, Managing Director and Partner at Barrett Asset Management, a NYC based independent investment advisory firm, providing investment and wealth management for multigenerational families.

Financial Times 300 names Barrett Asset Management Top Registered Investment Advisers For A Fourth year

Ms. Carrie J. McIndoe, Founder of Economic Ventures, a non-profit organization that encourages entrepreneurship for youth through experiential education and its signature program EntrePrep(tm) as well as other programs.


Dates online:  Postponed until Spring 2022

Dates outdoor schooling: Postponed until Spring 2022


Inquiry email Carrie McIndoe at